Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit Post // Grey Skies & Skeleton Leaves

Grey & Black Dress - The Warehouse, Fleece Lined Tights - Razzamatazz, Ankle Boots - Cotton On, Grey Scarf - Uproar (H & J Smith), Leaf Skeleton Earrings - Gift
So with a new job comes a slight change in wardrobe. I've gone from a Retail Salesperson where I got to wear what ever I wanted basically, to a corporate environment where I'm still trying to figure out the dress code.

I've had a thing for long sleeved dresses for awhile. My first was a black one with sequins all over it - the perfect NY's or birthday dress. This one is a recent purchase - I love the pattern, it's a good length & I can layer a singlet & tights under it. The boots were a good find in Melbourne a month ago - not too high & still pretty comfortable after a full day of wearing them.

I'm loving all the leaf-covered things that have been around this Autumn. I actually got given my earrings a couple of years ago but have been wearing them no-stop lately. My scarf was a purchase from my last job & it also has a leaf pattern on the bottom bit.

What have you been wearing all autumn? Or if it's Spring where you are - are you pulling out all your flower-patterned dresses?


  1. cutie!
    love the boots and the tribal pattern.

  2. Ohhh Im obsessed with long sleeved dresses at the mo too. Picked two up from kmart recently for $5 each!! Crazy huh? xxx

    1. Dude really?! Holy crap I'm def calling in there next time I'm in Dunnas :) haha it's pretty much the only store I miss in Invers!

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  4. Yah! You're blogging again! Congrats on the new job too. I'm a public servant and our department is pretty cool - people wear pretty much whatever they want. I really don't think I'd get away with my hair extensions if I wasn't a public servant.

    I love that dress - I can't believe its from The Warehouse?? I need to go there more often, only problem is, I go there to buy a lightbulb and come out with $50 worth of random stuff ;)

  5. You look so cosy & warm!
    That dress is from the warehouse?? What a great find.
    Just wear a black blazer over everything, instant corporate wardrobe :)