Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drink it // Mexican Hot Chocolate

With a chill in the air and a good frost most mornings, Winter has definitely arrived in the South! My nightly routine now involves copious amounts of warm drinks and sitting in front of the fire to keep warm....and not much else, honestly!

I like to buy those tiny bottles of spirits from the liquor store. I use them for cupcakes usually, but occasionally they make their way into a hot chocolate or coffee.

In the weekend I tried out a Mexican Hot Chocolate. Follow my instructions below to make your own!

Mexican Hot Chocolate


Milk (Yep - that's zero latose milk, so good!!)
Hot Chocolate Powder
Chili Powder

1. Heat milk, add chocolate powder, then use a frother on it. Alternatively, use a coffee machine to steam your milk.

2. Add 1/2 a shot (or more if you want!) tequila to your cup.
2. Add in your steamed/frothed milk.
4. Sprinkle with a pinch of chili powder, a pinch of cinnamon and some more chocolate powder. 

I served mine with a couple of pieces of chocolate on the side, marshmallows just didn't seem right! This is perfect to warm you up on a cold night - don't go overboard on the tequila as it could be overpowering. Half a shot seemed just right for mine, I personally wouldn't add anymore than that!

I hope this gives you a nifty idea to jazz up your hot drinks. Even just a pinch of chili powder and a bit of cinnamon on it's own would be enough to make it extra special. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outfit Post // Leopard & Rust

 Orange Jersey - Cotton On, Grey Long T - Cotton On,  
Leopard Leggings - Kmart, Grey Uggs - The Warehouse,  
Turquoise Earrings - Diva
I've been squeezing in a few road trips to Dunedin lately. Between markets and my new job I've tried to scoot up there to catch up with family and friends as much as possible. 

I have a little routine on my drive up there. I fill up the car the Friday night before and pack my bag. On Saturday morning all I have to do is throw my bag in the car and go. It's about 2 and a half hours to Dunedin from Invercargill, I usually stop in Gore for a coffee and a snack at a Cafe or Bakery. For the rest of the trip I turn the radio up and sing my head off all the way to Dunedin.

My favourite driving outfit in winter is a cosy jersey, leggings and my slippers. I picked up this rusty orange jersey from Cotton On a week ago, I love it so much I went back to see if they had more in different colours! Cotton On is a bit of a mess at the best of times though, so I had no luck in half a lunch break. next time!

The temperature has certainly dropped here. While Invercargill has missed the snow so far, there's been constant frost on the ground for the last couple of days. The car was already frozen at 8pm tonight so the trip to work tomorrow could be a fun one!

How are you all going? Any new exciting blog posts I need to check out? Hope you've all been keeping warm or enjoying the sunshine wherever you are!