Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wishlist - Label Maker

Well, yes this isn't very exciting really, but I have wanted one of these for years and have never got round to it. So this is my reminder to myself I NEED one now, I have to label all my different containers of colours and miscellaneous cake decorating supplies so I know whats what - I just opened up my box of stuff to tidy it up to take to class next week and it's a bit of a mess! This handy little tool would fix that up pretty quick I reckon...

5 for 25 - The Challenge

By now I suppose those of you who make New Year's resolutions have already made them by now. This year I have decided to do something a little bit different. My 25th birthday is coming up in April and to celebrate my 25th year of "being" I thought I would make a list of 5 things I would like to complete before my 26th birthday next year!

And there you go - 5 for 25! (it just sounded good you see, I have a thing for rhymes)

1. Get my Full drivers license - I am able to get this at the start of April. At the moment I have a curfew of 10pm and I can't take passengers so I am looking forward to getting rid of these restrictions. This is a big deal for me as I had my learners for 3 years before sitting the restricted test!

2. Go to the iD Fashion Show - I really wanted to go last year but couldn't afford it at the time. This year I can!! I just got my tickets on Thursday when they went on sale, I'm going to the Emerging Designer show which showcases selected designers from around the world, and the main iD Fashion show as well. I'm so excited! I just have to decide what to wear now...check out the facebook page here! It is held at the iconic Railway Station here in Dunedin. So you sit outside on the platform or in a train carriage - how cool is that?

3. Enter a cake in a Cake Decorating Competition - I have just joined the club that teaches my cake decorating classes and I'm looking forward to entering a cake in the competitions in March! There is 4 different categories to enter, I'm going to try enter as many as I can.

4. Find a wood working class/fix up some 2nd-hand furniture - I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I would love to have a house full of furniture I made. I already have a TV cabinet I designed and my Dad helped me to build so I would love to add to this!

5. Start running - Ah, how simple it seems. I've never really been a big fan of running, but I've decided this year I will give it a go! I love being outdoors and taking in the scenery so that (and the getting fit part) is going to be my inspiration.

You could try this method out for yourself - maybe 4 for 24 or 9 for 19...whatever you like!! Let me know in the comments what challenges you have set yourself for this year.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Shine on Little Dancer

Black Cardigan Glassons, Sparkle Crop Tee Butterfly Op Shop, Skirt Recycle Boutique,
Kmart, Ballet Flats Hannahs, Girl Guide Belt Shop on Taieri (2nd Hand)

Today I pulled out my sparkley cropped t-shirt I bought last week and my new/old belt to put together an outfit for a Friday at work. I love Friday - the weekend is so close it's exciting!

I decided to wear my ballet flats today, I bought them about 3 years ago, and only wear them every now and then as they seem to get lost in my draw of shoes! I'm going to go see "Black Swan" next week so maybe that's where the inspiration came from...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is summer here, I promise...

Black Fringe bag Postie Plus, Plain black cardigan Supre, Sequin front cardigan Valley Girl,
Black jeans Kmart, Boots Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

I am definitely struggling with what to wear these days. Today started off with drizzle, which was interspersed with brilliant sunshine throughout the day. There was a clear moment during my lunch break so I went for a drive to find a place to take photos. I came across this shed in the middle of nowhere and loved how the grey blue of the door matched the sky.

The day ended up being pretty warm so i was pretty toasty by 5pm! But layering a couple of cotton cardigans meant I wasn't too hot. I love this sparkley number - I normally wear it open over a t-shirt, but today buttoned it up - it kind of looked like a sparkley waistcoat which I liked! I bought my boots last year, I had $50 in my bank account the day before pay day and when I saw these I thought it was a pretty good deal!! They are so comfy and I love the different textures of the materials.

There is also a better photo of my bag - I love it!! It fits so much stuff and opens quite wide so it's easy to find things.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great luck at the Op-Shop

A quick lunchtime visit to an op-shop near my work ended in victory - with a sign on the window saying "$5 fill-a-bag" how could I walk away?!

After rifling through various racks, I came across these 3 lace bodysuits. You know when you find something awesome and you want to squeal out loud but you're afraid of scaring the other customers? One of those moments. I love the one with the little buttons down the front!

I also found this gorgeous Girl Guides belt - how awesome would this look wrapped around a long dress or skirt? "be prepared" almost my motto!

My last find was this cosy, oversize merino jersey. I haven't owned a jersey in so long, but I think this one would be perfect for winter with tights and boots and a chunky scarf. It was also "made in NZ" so that makes me happy to be buying homegrown!

I can't wait to think of some different ways to wear the body suits - any tips for me? One is quite shear, I think it would look good under a cardigan or jacket, the other 2 just have lace at the top. Any ideas let me know in the comments!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bunches of Bows

Black Crop jacket Vintage, Bow dress Farmers, Suede boots Wildpair
Stud 2 finger ring Lovisa, Charm bracelet Spotlight (make your own)

My first outfit post! I finally got around to getting a tripod and a remote for my camera - these are my first pics that took earlier today in my garden so forgive me if they aren't that good - first time and all!

The weather is being a bit crazy at the moment so I'm struggling to decide what to wear - today was supposed to rain in the morning then be sunny in the afternoon, hence the dress and boot combo.

I'm looking forward to more practicing with the tripod and remote - it's lots of fun!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in my Hand Bag?

For a start, I love my handbag! I saw it last year and visited it many times, sneaking a look at the price tag and wishing for it to come down in price. Finally this year it was reduced - and now it's mine! I swear I could fit a small child in there, but hey, it fits everything I need with room to fit a cardy or scarf if needed and my lunch box. Better than my old handbag!

I live in a climate that is quite unpredicable and I hate being unprepared! I'm the person who when a friend needs a hair tie, bobby pin, panadol, bandaid..I've always got one. Here is a list of my handbag essentials.

1. Socks. Weird? Yes. Handy? Yes! I always get cold feet in cars, buses, planes, at work...there's always an occasion for socks.

2. Umbrella. I quite often forget a jacket!

3. Plain lip balm. SPF is good - handy for dry lips, skin, etc. This vasaline one is awesome!

4. Fold-up flats. These are great - i can wear uncomfortable shoes and get some relief later on.

5. Herbal tea bags. I always have a few spare in my bag, I can't drink coffee and it's always a bit akward when I visit a friend and they only have normal tea or I pull out my little tea bag and I can still have a hot drink!

6. Sunglasses. Prepared for all weather!

7. Panadol, Bandaids, Rescue Remedy, Anti-Histimens. I grouped these together - basic medical things. Rescue remedy is amazing - a few drops on the tongue and it'll calm you down when you are wound up and anxious!

8. Hair tie, bobby pins, small brush. Great for touch ups or bad-hair-days.

9. Hand Cream. Again, i use a Vasaline one. dry hands aren't fun!

10. Diary and pen. To keep records of appointments, bills, birthdays, etc. I love this cute one - there is a whole series of these with a NZ theme - jandals, pohutakawa, ferns, etc.

11. Solar-powered torch. Sooo handy when you forgot to turn the outside light on and you can't see the key hole, or like me you live in a mini forest with a tiny path to navigate!

12. Business Cards. You never know when an opportunity to get your name out there will pop up - plan ahead!

So thats my bag. Hope it gave you some tips on handy things for your bag!! Do you have any recommendations??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank you Followers!

Woohoo! I've made it to 10 followers. I know it doesn's seem like much, but to me it is!! Having you guys come back and check out my blog and comment on my posts is amazing.

So thanks for stopping by, keep coming back and if you like my blog, please recommend to your friends.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Picks - Fav Products

I thought I would write a post on my favourite products I use almost daily. Most of these I have been using for a least a couple of years, so they are tried and tested!

I use this daily to wash my face. I used to try out all different types of cleansers from cheap to expensive ones, but at the end of the day my skin has been so much clearer since using this!

I use this daily as well - it is just for eyes, but I'm a bit lazy so I use it over my whole face and it's awesome!! Even the times where I have been extra lazy and not washed my face afterwards and headed to bed, my skin was fine - no bad side effects!

I love this product - it took me years to realise my hair doesn't like to be straightened - So now I just straighten my fringe and spritz some of this in the ends and scrunch it - it drys kind of kinky and messy and I love it!!

A friend introduced me to this a few years ago - it is amazing! It keeps your legs looking smooth, it has an amazing smell (ahhh...chocolate??!!) and a slight shimmer. Perfect for day or night and lasts for ages - and it is a reasonable price!

This stuff is so handy and lasts forever. Perfect over sunburn, stops itchy bits itching or keep it in the fridge and use whenever you need to cool down. I always take it on holiday with me and someone always needs to borrow some!

This always comes in handy on those days where I wake up having slept through my alarm, realise I have to be at work in 15 minutes and am still in my pj's...priceless.

Well those are some of my favourites. Anything you guys think is amazing and worth a try? I always like trying out new things!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wishlist - Leopard Print Scarf

Leopard scarf

Yes, I know it is still summer here!! But I can't get the thought of a leopard print scarf out of my head...I think it would look awesome with my purple ski jacket and my basic black trench coat for winter...

Well at least the good thing about shopping out of season is you get some tasty bargains!