Monday, May 21, 2012

The Cupcake Files // Candy Floss Cupcakes

Since I moved to Invercargill I had been thinking about having a cupcake stall at a local market. At least once a week for the last few months I've been coming up with & trialling new cupcake flavours. I thought I would share some of them on my blog, because it is a big part of my life now and this blog is a little slice of my life, right?

I have decided not to share my exact cupcake recipe. I know that seems kind of mean, but I have adapted one I found & turned it into my own recipe which produces the type of cupcake I want to be known for. I've learnt some tips though that I'll share;

1. Don't over mix! It's the same idea as muffins, if you over mix they will be dry & tough.

2. You don't have to bake a filling into the cupcake. Cook it, scoop out the centre & fill with jam, frosting, curd or cream - yum!

3. An ice cream scoop is your friend - you will end up with evenly sized cupcakes - uniform is good!

So these are my candy floss cupcakes. All you have to do is...

a) Make up a basic vanilla cupcake mix. 
b) Before baking add approx 2 cups of candy floss - pulled into small tufts. Gently fold through -  don't mix until whole batter is pink, just until you have swirls of pink through it.
c) Bake cupcakes as per recipe.
d) Frost with candy floss frosting detailed below.

Candy Floss Frosting

115g Butter, softened
1 t Vanilla
60ml Milk
500g Icing Sugar
1 C Candy Floss

Add butter, vanilla & half of icing sugar to a bowl. Place candy floss in a separate bowl & pour milk over - this will melt it. Add candy floss milk to other frosting ingredients & beat until fluffy. Add remaining icing sugar & beat through. Fill a piping bag with frosting & pipe onto cupcakes. I used a 2D tip for these cupcakes.

I recently made some of these for a 7 year olds birthday party! I sprinkled them with a little edible glitter to give them some sparkle. What do you think?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outfit Post // Grey Skies & Skeleton Leaves

Grey & Black Dress - The Warehouse, Fleece Lined Tights - Razzamatazz, Ankle Boots - Cotton On, Grey Scarf - Uproar (H & J Smith), Leaf Skeleton Earrings - Gift
So with a new job comes a slight change in wardrobe. I've gone from a Retail Salesperson where I got to wear what ever I wanted basically, to a corporate environment where I'm still trying to figure out the dress code.

I've had a thing for long sleeved dresses for awhile. My first was a black one with sequins all over it - the perfect NY's or birthday dress. This one is a recent purchase - I love the pattern, it's a good length & I can layer a singlet & tights under it. The boots were a good find in Melbourne a month ago - not too high & still pretty comfortable after a full day of wearing them.

I'm loving all the leaf-covered things that have been around this Autumn. I actually got given my earrings a couple of years ago but have been wearing them no-stop lately. My scarf was a purchase from my last job & it also has a leaf pattern on the bottom bit.

What have you been wearing all autumn? Or if it's Spring where you are - are you pulling out all your flower-patterned dresses?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outfit Post // Shades of Autumn

Hey guys! I'm back!! I had to take a bit of an unscheduled break. I suppose I should fill you in - last time I posted I had lost my job & was searching for a new one. Well, I found one! A part time position in a Streetwear store. It was fun! Store discount, working with cool people, cheap lunches - it was nice to be working among people again. 

Unfortunately the hours weren't quite enough to pay the bills, so I was hoping something else would come along & it did! I just started a new job as a Building Consents Processing Officer (sounds fancy) at my local Council. It's pretty full on, but I'm learning heaps & I love how I'm getting to use my drafting background in a way that isn't drawing plans all day!

Dress - Ladakh (from Uproar in Invercargill), Denim Jacket - Recycle Boutique, Orange Scarf - Cotton On, Tights - Razzamatazz (won them),  
Wedge Heel Boots - The Warehouse

So! My outfit - I actually wore this to the last market I sold cupcakes at (I've done 2 so far - more on that later!) I bought the dress as a birthday present to myself - I love the combination of orange & purple, 2 of my favourites. The denim jacket has been in my wardrobe for a couple of years but I've hardly worn it, I just re-discovered it a few months ago & I've been struggling to take it off!

My scarf collection has basically doubled in the last month or so (using that discount!) I love this orange one for another pop of colour. My boss at my retail job had these gorgeous leopard print boots in the same style as these ones - I was so jealous of them although I'm more of a plain boot kinda  girl at heart. I feel so me in this outfit - it's not my usual black & grey but it's still me. It's nice!

So how are you? What's been happening? I finally have interent again at my house (ridiculous mission trying to change from a business line to a personal one - not fun!) so here's to more blogging & catching up on everything!