Friday, December 17, 2010

Outfit Post - What I'll be wearing this Summer...

Black Heels - Ruby Shoes, Sequin Clutch - K-mart, Dress - Unknown, Earrings - Diva

Maxi dress - Cotton On, Silver slouchy cardy - Glassons, Black padded clutch - Equip, Earrings - Equip

Sequin T-shirt - Shanton, Black zip skinny pants - Trends, Bag - Strand Bags, Silver flats - K-mart

I love planning my outfits before I wear them! I can quite happily spend an evening playing "dress-ups" and trying out different combinations of clothes and accessories. These are some combo's I have come up with lately, I'm looking forward to pulling them out for different occasions.

I have included one dressy evening-out outfit, and casual (still sparkley!) outfit and a daytime outfit. i do like plain coloured basics in black and I add a touch of sparkle - I think it has the same effect as colour!! There is nothing like driving down the motorway with the radio up, the sun streaming in the window and sequins causing a disco-ball effect on the roof of the car...

Happy weekend!!

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