Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Order - Buzzy Bee Cupcakes

Remember this picture from my Christmas cake post? Well it got me my first order - 6 chocolate cupcakes with buzzy bee toppers for a friend to give her Mother-in-law for Christmas. Very exciting! In fact, in all that excitement I headed over to Vistaprint to create my own business cards. I had been playing around with a name and a logo for a while so I thought why not get myself out there??

Check out my new name and logo for my cake decorating business on my new blog here...

I am now eagerly awaiting them in the mail, and planning my cupcakes. There will definitely be photos coming!!

On another note, I may have gone on a Trademe rampage. Oh well, I'm almost set for summer now! Photos to follow once I recieve all my items...yes, I said all!


  1. I love Vistaprint!! I use them for everything. Such great deals on that site!!

  2. What a cool business idea! You go girl!!! Life is short do what you like!

  3. Vistaprint is great!! :) I've used them before as well and love it when you get the little package in the mail :)

    Thanks Gabby! It's very exciting - kind of nerve-racking too!! Hope it all goes well :)