Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY // Gold Glitter Boots

Something I've wanted to do for aaaaages was glitter-fy some shoes!! I saw a post on Pixie in Pumps quite a while ago and that is what I've based my DIY on. So it's not my idea originally! All the photos in this post were taken by me though.

First you will need to gather your supplies. I found a cheap pair of boots at No. 1 Shoe Warehouse - I figured if things went pear shaped it wouldn't be a great loss!! The Mod Podge and the glitter I got from Spotlight. I think I've seen Mod Podge at the The Warehouse as well. I got the sandpaper from Mitre 10 Mega and the sponge brush thingy is from The Warehouse. You will also need a container to mix the glitter in and a stirring device.

Make sure to cover the area you are working in with newspaper! Especially if you are inside. 

1. Pour your Mod Podge into a container. (I used half a bottle)
2. Add your chosen glitter (I used about 3/4 gold glitter)
3. I added 1/4 bottle silver glitter too.
4. Stir to combine with a popsicle stick. Aim to have the mixture mostly glitter. 

5. Lightly sand over the surface of the shoes so the glitter concoction will stick.
6. Begin applying the glitter mix with your sponge brush. I found it best to swipe and splodge it on.
7. Leave to dry and repeat with another layer until all the gaps are filled (I did 2 layers!)
8. All finished!! I would recommend 1 - 2 layers of plain Mod Podge over top to seal the glitter.

A special tip; I found it was easier to use a pair of shoes close in colour to the glitter I was using. I have some silver mary-janes I want to DIY next!

 White Cardigan - Random Invercargill Shop, Ornage Dress - Thrifted from Trademe,  
Gold Flower Hair Clip - Christmas isle at Spotlight, Gold Glitter Boots - Made by Me!!

Wouldn't these be perfect to wear on a Girls Night Out??

So there you have it! A fun project to do up some old/cheap shoes. I can't wait to dance around in these! Are you gonna have a go at this DIY? Make sure to leave me a link to your photos in the comments! If you want to reference this post or use my photos please let me know  - thanks friends!!



  1. the look great! i am going to HAVE to do this :)


  2. This is awesome, my best mate and I are going to do this, we want sparkley red shoes like Dorothy from Wizard of OZ.

  3. They're soo cute! for some reason, I can't see any of the pictures in your last few posts. =[ I saw them on IG though, and I love them!

  4. this idea is soooo awesome!
    thank you for sharing!
    lovely blog you have here :)
    greeting from New York

  5. They look great - it's a DIY I've been thinking of doing for a while as well. I do work next to Number 1 Shoes, maybe I can find a pair of cheap and choice shoes to make sparkle!

  6. Love them! It would look so cute in red glitter too I think.

  7. Im baaack :P What a fantastic idea missy, love them! xx

  8. oh how fun! These look amazing! Glad my tutorial was helpful! Thank you again for the shout out.