Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life Lately // Plans for November

Advertising for the Cake Decorating Conference in Blenheim - iPhone/Instagram

 Hello everyone! It's been a while. It wasn't a deliberate break, but more of an unfortunate situation involving Telecom and their inability to sort out a faulty phone jack point for an entire week!! No internet for work or play!

Anyway, I'm back in action!! I just got back last night from the New Zealand Cake Decorators Guild (NZCDG) annual conference which was held up in Blenheim this year. It's held in the South Island one year and then the North Island the next year. It was a pretty cool experience - I was a Delegate for our local club (Dunedin Sugar Craft Guild) and attended the AGM meeting, I saw 3 demonstrations from Cake Decorators hailing from America, Australia and New Zealand and I picked up a bunch of cool cake decorating supplies. The next South Island one will be in Nelson in 2 years so I'm looking forward to it! I'll post some photos from the trip tomorrow!

This weekend coming I'm reviewing the Imperial Russian Ballet which is touring New Zealand at the moment. I'm so excited! The last time I saw the Russian Ballet was just after I graduated with my Architectural Draughting Diploma - I had started my first 'real' job and shouted my Grandma a trip to the ballet. The following weekend I'm reviewing Sleeping Beauty from the Royal New Zealand Ballet which I have been looking forward to since I heard about it almost 2 years ago! So I'll have a busy couple of weekends up in Dunedin over the next little while. 

To top it all off I'm about to be an Aunty soon! My sister is due on the 15th November so not long to go now!

What have you been up to lately? Do you have any exciting plans for November? Oh! For the guy in your life - get them involved in 'Movember' !! I used to work in an office where I was the only girl among 10 or so guys - they all grew beards until the 29th November, then shaved most of them off into funky beards or moustaches. There were prizes for the best design, least hair grown, etc. Great cause!! 


  1. Welcome back! Bloody Telecom - you should have just gone with someone else. Sounds like you've had a fun trip, cant wait to see pics xx

  2. Welcome back! I hate being without internet! ours went down for a day last week while we switched providers and I was finding it hard to cope! let alone for a week! That conference you went to sounded awesome, can't wait to see the pics and what you come up with using your new supplies :)

  3. It sounds really exciting reviewing Ballet and Plays & the cake decorators guild sounds interesting. I bet you're really excited to be an aunty! My boyfriend might do the movember thing, I'm not sure. He did it last year so hopefully he'll do it this year.



  4. I read a review of the Cake Decorators Guild conference and wondered if you were there. Hope you enjoy the ballet.

  5. That cake is incredible, did you make it? Can't wait to see more photos.

  6. Telecom is SO useless.....gah!! Glad to see you back and you'll have to tell us more about this cake decorating conference - take any photos?:)

  7. @ Sarah - I had no choice it's my work internet :(
    @ Cupcake Gem - Thanks! :) The conference was so fun!
    @ Sarah - I love going to the ballet!! It's so worth it getting the tickets to write the reviews. I haven't seen one I didn't like yet :)
    @ Penny-Rose - Thanks! I will! :D
    @ Maria - No I didn't enter a cake this time :( Hopefully we will be doing another Dunedin competition in the near future though!
    @ Trees - They are!! :p sooo annoying. Hope you check out my conference post! :)