Monday, December 12, 2011

12th day of Christmas // After Dinner Mints

Grandparents are always a hard one to buy for I find. I usually buy my Granddad some after dinner mints as that’s his favourite treat, so this year I thought I’d make some instead!

I did a bit of research around the internet and adapted a recipe I found. It’s so easy and simple to make these! Mine are a bit bigger than the ones you can buy but that’s not necessarily a bad thing aye?

You will need;

Ingredients as per below
Two bowls (one for chocolate, one for the peppermint mixture)
Rubber gloves
A spatula
A fork
A microwave

1/2 Can Condensed Milk
3 C Icing Sugar
1 t Peppermint Essence
1 t Kremelta
300g Chocolate (I used 1 1/2 blocks of Cadbury Old Gold chocolate)

1. Add the condensed milk, essence and icing sugar to a bowl.  
2. Mix together wearing gloves to form a stiff dough.  
3. Roll teaspoons of the mixture into balls and place on a baking paper covered tray.
4. Flatten slightly with a spoon dipped in icing sugar to prevent sticking. Leave to dry for 1/2 an hour. 

5. Add the chocolate and kremelta to a bowl and microwave 30 secs at a time until melted.  
6. Use a fork to dip the peppermints into the chocolate and quickly flip them over to cover.
7. Take out the peppermint, wipe the base of the fork on the edge of the bowl and gently jiggle the after dinner mint onto a clean baking paper covered tray.  
8. Gently touch the fork to the top of the mint and pull it away to the front to make the little ridges after dinner mints usually have.

Leave them to set on the tray. They will take a little bit longer because of the added kremelta but they will have a nice finish to them! I managed to make about 28 from one batch.

Once they are all set, just package them up however you like. I think mine will go into cellophane bags, tied with some string and a gift tag!

Like all of my '12 Days of Christmas' DIY tutorials, there is a PDF version of this blog post here. Simpy click on the link, print out the tutorial and get to work. Easy as that. Feedback appreciated!

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  1. i really love your 12 days of christmas ideas ^___^ they're so awesome and good for the pocket! you really make me want to get my creative side back out!

  2. Those mints sound SO good! I'm going to have to try whipping up some of those myself!

    Love your site! Can't wait to check out more Christmas gift-giving inspiration! :)

    chloe **

  3. Thanks for the receipes, all sound wonderful.

    What is Kremelta? Is it like Copha?

    Kind regards and a Happy Christmas.

  4. OMG they look soooo delish hun! xx

  5. Wow, they look soooo good! I absolutely love chocolate mints. And I love the way these look so chic and professional too. Mmmmm!

  6. Hi Will, yup I just looked it up - it is. It's just a vegetable fat. Thanks for your comment! ;)


  7. I want to make these!! Maybe I will make some for friends presents, you are full of so many amazing ideas.