Friday, June 25, 2010

DIY: Studded sweatshirt

I'm sure I saw a top like this on the Internet somewhere, ever since I have wanted to create my own version. I saw this post on College Fashion about sporty sweatshirts and after a visit to my local Cotton On I had my very own sweatshirt for only $30!

It was a slight challenge finding the studs, after a visit to Spotlight where I had no joy, I resorted to good old Trademe and found exactly what I wanted. 50 x 10mm pyramid studs for $7.50. Sweet! I was a little worried about attaching them, but as the sweatshirt is thin cotton it was no problem. Now I think I have a stud obsession though, as I have around 30 of them left...what to "stud" next??

It's very easy to do - simply push the points through the material and fold over to hold in place. I would recommend hand washing the top as the washing machine is a bit rough on the studs.

This sweatshirt is great for weekends, I love a bit of detail and it goes great with my gray-wash jeans and shiny silver sneakers!

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