Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roses are...Purple?

Our first project for cake decorating classes - roses!! They were so much fun to make - I have made about 10 as we will be making a flower topper with them soon. These began as white and were then dusted with a lilac colour.

Next week we are making carnations so I will post some photo's of them soon.


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  3. oooh it looks fun! what is the cake decorating class like? i have contemplated going to one before but i'm scared it'll be all old women who'll laugh at me!

  4. Hi! :) Cake decorating class is great - there is about 15 people and a range of ages. I was a bit nervous for a start!! But it's really good, everyone is keen to learn and we help each other out - someone always forgets what the teacher said! ;) You should find one and do it!! Your baking looks awesome you'll be fine!!