Friday, November 19, 2010

A Graduation - Fondant Person on Plaque

From Left: Me, my Mum, my Sister

I have just got back from my little sisters graduation. She has just finished studying hairdressing and is about to begin an apprenticeship at a salon which is very exciting! I wanted to give her a little present that was original and special, so I made her this little figure from fondant with a hair straightener, comb, curlers and scissors.

The whole thing is edible, but it also sets hard so can be kept as a little figurine if she wants. I am so happy with it it came out exactley as I imagined!!

I am also excited about completing my Christmas cake for cake decorating. I have a special cake toppe
r I have been planning and can't wait to finish it and post some pictures soon. I hope it will be a great weekend!

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