Friday, February 18, 2011

Becomes The Rose

All photos taken by me on a Nikon D3000

I dashed down to the Botanical Gardens which happen to be a 5 minute walk away from my house the other weekend. I wanted to take some photos of roses to gain some inspiration for my flowers to go on my wedding cake I am making for the up-coming competition.

With an overload of pink and yellow roses, I was most inspired by the purple section, as well as some soft pinks and creamy whites. I was quite pleased with the photos I got! And how awesome is the glass house at the gardens?? It had scaffolding around it for ages and I had been waiting for them to remove it so I could get a photo.

These gardens are the oldest in New Zealand, being established in 1863. Some of my favourite memories include feeding the ducks old bread there with my family when I was little!


  1. We used to go and see the aviary together, there's pictures of this at home! hehe

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  3. Aw these photos are so beautiful. i love flowers :)

    F. ( x