Friday, February 25, 2011

On My Mind

Photo from NZHerald website

A city 5 hours up the road from mine suffered a major earthquake on Tuesday at 12:51pm local time. The building shook where I work and immediately mine and my workmates thoughts turned to Christchurch. This picture was one of the first we saw on the Internet not long after the earthquake and the afternoon was spent watching news bulletins on the net and trying to continue working.

While my family members, friends and friends of friends are ok, many other people weren't so lucky and there is a lot of people all around the country waiting for their family members to be found in the rubble.

Please take a moment to give the ones you love a big hug, and think of those waiting for their loved ones to be found. If you want to help, here are some places you could drop by.

The Salvation Army: Freephone 0800530000; online at; or by post:

The Salvation Army, PO Box 27001, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141. Mark correspondence: "Canterbury Earthquake Appeal".

Any ANZ Bank: Account number 01-1839-0188939-00.

Any National Bank: Account number 06-0869-0548507-00.

Any BNZ Bank: Account number: 02-0500-0982004-000

Any ASB: Account number 12-3205-0146808-00

A little bit of a downer of a post, but mainly make sure the ones you love know it :)


  1. My thoughts are with all people who suffered in this traggic earthquake. Im glad you are ok!
    Check out my blog sometime and led me know what you think xx

  2. Le photo est super!!!
    Angela Donava