Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Show - ID Fashion Show 2011

 Photo courtesy of

Man I have been so busy lately! Between that and being back to slow internet (I should really stop maxing out our usage before the end of the month...) I haven't had time to post about the ID Fashion Show I went to a couple of weeks ago.

Check out these gorgeous pictures I found from the ID Fashion Show - courtesy of Agata Michalczyk, I recommend you check out her blog, she has some beautiful pictures on there!!

Photos courtesy of Agata Michalczyk

I went to the ID Emerging Designer Awards Show on the 7th of April and the ID Fashion Show on the 9th of April. 

Being a fashion-show-virgin, I wasn't really sure what to expect! The Emerging Designer show was pretty cool - 26 designers from NZ, Australia and Europe. Each collection had five items and all the collections were so different, in the end the Australians cleaned up, with Kate Bolzonello from Melbourne taking top honours. I scribbled down some of the things I saw on the runway - ombre tights, shear fabric and layered, textured black. I picked up some ideas for my winter wardrobe!

The ID Fashion Show went over two nights, I went along with my Mum on the 2nd night. We got tickets for the 2nd row and were seated about the middle of the runway, which is pretty impressive at 110m long. I had some clear favourites among the collections I saw on the night, Nom*D with their "Danse Macabre" collection, Mild Red's "Black Knight" collection, who's small textured leather purses made me want to go out and spend half a weeks pay check on one and Charmaine Revely with her "Night Garden" collection with it's smokey grays and lavender colours.  

The atmosphere was pretty awesome sitting on a railway station platform with twinkling blue lights and the models and catwalk a couple of metres away from you!

I'll definitely be going back next year and I think I'll splash out on front row seats if I can get them!!

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