Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Trip - Oamaru Sugar Craft Guild

Lavender cape-cardigan - Shop on Taieri, Grey cardigan - Supre, Grey T-shirt - Kmart,
Leggings - Shanton, Grey Boots - Shop on Taieri, Beanie - Kmart, Girl Guides Belt - Shop on Taieri

Starting point - Heels covered in embossed flowerpaste and soles attached

A friend cutting out her shoe soles

Inspiration - Shoes made by the teacher

Guild members hard at work

Inner sole and front of shoe added

Almost finished - just the under-sole and some sparkles to go!

We had to take a plate for afternoon tea - I made Lemon Blossom cake, similar to Lemon Meringue pie - yum!

Yesterday I travelled to Oamaru with some of my fellow Sugar Craft Guild members for a workshop up there. The woman who takes the classes I go to ran a workshop on shoes made from flower paste - like these ones here. Apart from the shoes we were provided with the most amazing morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea - cake decorators know how to bake!!

I took a few photos of the shoes I made when I was there and when I got home photographed my outfit. It was a horrible day weather-wise; drizzle, fog and freezing cold!! I wore this cosy cape-like jersey I found on Friday at 'Shop on Taieri' - they were having a half price sale on jerseys so I got this one for $3!! I love the lavender colour, I paired it with grey and black, similar to what I saw at the ID fashion show in Charmaine Reveley's collection. Loved it! I also got a skirt I had been eying up for ages, it was finally half price ($12) so I grabbed that too. My boots are amazing, they're like wearing slippers but more appropriate for wearing out of the house!!

Today I did a little bit of shopping and picked up a few items I've been wanting for winter. I also went out to my parents and cleaned out my old wardrobe there - amazing what you find! There was my ballet shoes and leotard, my first soft toy and some old photo albums. It was so fun checking out all my old stuff again.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, I'm looking forward to a 4 day holiday next weekend with Easter!

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