Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cake Decorating Class - Clematis

I'm so proud of myself - I did my homework for a change! I made a Clematis this week. We're getting into the more complex flowers at class now, including Gerbera's, orchids and Lilies. I need to make sure I get on top of all my homework as I'll be moving down to Invercargill soon and away from my weekly classes. Luckily the teacher is awesome and is promising to send me class notes so I can continue by myself down there! Pretty cool.

I mentioned in my last post I was going down to Invercargill to review the Stravinsky Selection. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to drive all the way down there, watch the ballet, write the review and head home again the next morning, so I had to cancel. I wish I had been able to! A bit of bad timing. Oh well, I'm looking forward to Sleeping Beauty at the end of the year!

I hope everyone has had a fun weekend, I went to check out Dunedin's new stadium, a bird show where my Grandad had a couple of birds entered and went out for dinner with some friends. Bring on the new week! 

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