Monday, July 4, 2011

My 4th of July - Hershey's First Birthday!

 Hershey - 8 weeks

Hershey - 1 Year

Hi friends! Introducing you to my gorgeous puppy, Hershey. Today is her 1st Birthday, so of course a mini celebration was in order involving cake like things...unfortunately Hersh has a food allergy meaning she isn't supposed to eat anything except her dog biscuits, but she got a new toy to mark the day instead.

I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing, topped with a gingerbread dog bone covered in purple fondant to match her name tag she wears on her collar. 

I can't believe its been a year since I got her! There's been ups and downs, the time she ate the tv remote, the bf's playstation controller, ALL of our couch cushions, but of course there are always good times too! Plenty of cuddles, tug of war and exciting car trips where she "talks" the whole way because she is so excited...

I hope all my readers over in the USA have a great 4th of July!!

Do you guys have pets? What are their names? Are they well behaved?


  1. Awww Happy birthday to him :D

    I have a cat and dog and they get along very well :)

  2. I'm so sorry, i meant 'her' ofcourse

  3. Haha that's ok!! :) aw cute its good when they get along! My family dog has only just got used to Hershey now, she still growls at her when she gets to close


  4. Awww, Hershey! She is so adorable, and I love that little puppy picture! That is a great name too!

    I'm not allowed to have pets at my apartment, but I am so dog crazy! As soon as I'm allowed to, I'm going to get a dog. Yay! :)

  5. aww, Happy Birthday Hershey! What an adorable name and pup!! And yes I have two pets a dog & a cat. Both are the sweetest and really well behaved. We had our dog in doggy day care for the first year, and he got so much training there it was fantastic. It was a relief because as you said there are definitely lots of ups and downs. Hope your week is a fantastic one hun. xx veronika

  6. Happy belated birthday Hershey!! how cute if your puppy! and how awesome are your cupcakes, purple is my fave colour and the little bone is so cute! this made me so sad that I'm no longer with my puppy...otherwise I would have made him these cupcakes too! Our puppy was called Sunny, we rescued him in the Caribbean where we were living and he was such a happy addition to your family, yes he was a little naughty at times but mostly good and he LOVED the beach! but after 8 months there my job wasn't working out, and we weren't allowed to bring him back to England due to stupid quarantine rules so I cried my eyes out and had to leave him behind with good friends of ours...I miss my little puppy every day! and yes I do have an amazing job that I am grateful for every day! thanks for checking out my blog!