Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I packed - Queens Birthday Weekend

I got back yesterday from a little road trip over the long weekend. The bf and I had an event to attend in Invercargill then we headed through to Cromwell to check out the new house his parents have just built up there. There was a bit of travelling around and I've spent the last couple of days sniffling away with a cold but I'm gradually getting better thank goodness! 

These are some of the things I took with me this weekend. I needed something dressy for the event I was going to, then comfortable clothes for lounging around in Cromwell and travelling. 

1. Leopard Print Bag - Cotton On. I use this bag as my gym bag usually, but it's the perfect size for a weekend bag. 
2. Studded High Tops - The Warehouse. Perfect for a casual outfit with jeans.

3. Grey Leopard Bag - Strandbags. I used this when going to the event on Saturday night - its great not having to find somewhere to leave my bag as I can just wear it the whole time if need be.
4. Purple Check Shirt - Farmers. Just right for a casual weekend outfit with jeans.

5. Velvet Dress - Shop on Taieri. What I wore to the event on Saturday. You can see it here.
6. Lace Bodysuit - Shop on Taieri. To wear under my velvet dress

7. Grey Leopard Circle Scarf - Trendz. Snugly and warm and could also be worn as a hat.

8. Black Ankle Boots - The Warehouse. My go to boots when I want something dressy but easy to walk in!

9. Grey Merino Jersey - Mosgiel Salvation Army. A perfect layering piece for cold weather. 

10. Purple Leopard Scarf - 1,2,3 Dollar Shop - Adds a pop of colour to mainly grey and black basics

11. "The Girl Who kicked the Hornets Nest" - Borrowed from the bf for the weekend. I loved the movies!

12. Sequin Cardy - Valley Girl - great for layering over a t-shirt and under a jacket. 

I topped up these items with black jeans, my coat seen here and different earrings (dangly ones for night, studs for during the day) It was great for a change to have a whole bunch of items that could create different outfits depending on what the weather was like or what I got up to. I used purple as my accent colour with my shirt and scarf both in this shade. 

It was a pretty fun weekend, meeting new people, watching a couple of pretty entertaining soccer games and relaxing in a brand new house! It was fun checking out where I'll be moving to in a month or so! The bf has a job lined up so I will be following him down to Invercargill soon. I'm glad it's only a couple of hours from Dunedin and not too far to go to catch up with all my family. I'll have to start packing soon!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends. I cant believe we're in June!!

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  1. You are such a good packer! I always seem to forget to pack a book! It is so frustrating! (P.s. high five for another kiwi blogger! Yusss!)