Friday, July 1, 2011

Outfit Post - Blokes and Blue

Blue Cardigan - Unknown (Melbourne), Lace T-shirt - Mosgiel Salvation Army,
Grey Scarf - Postie Plus, Crochet Flower Pin - Shop on Taieri, Grey Silk Skirt - Shop on Taieri,
Black Boots - The Warehouse

I drove to my usual spot for some outfit shots today, but unfortunately the digger was actually going for once (see it stationary here!) so I headed out on to the country roads to find a new site. After about 15 minutes of driving around I came to the “Tairei Blokes Shed” I had driven past it before and thought it would be great as a background for outfit shots and today it even matched my cardigan!!

While it was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any clouds, there was a crisp wind meaning a bit of layering in the clothes department was needed. I felt like a bit of colour today, hence the cobalt blue cardigan and my matching crochet flower broach I picked up from the Shop on Taieri a while ago. I wore my grey cotton tights under my skirt and a white singlet under my new lace t-shirt (check it out here) to keep nice and warm.

I’m having so much fun layering all my clothes at the moment for warmth! It’s kind of nice to not have to wear a jacket inside at work and instead just wear an extra cardigan. Then I don’t get asked if I’m cold every 5 minutes!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a bit, I have no internet at home anymore so I’m going to stop off at my parents and cue up some posts to last for the next little while!

This weekend I might check out the Moxie Market at the Percolator Cafe on Friday night, followed by a look around the op-shops on Saturday and possibly some casual drinks with friends that night. Should be good!

Do you guys have any good layering tips for me for winter? What is your favourite winter
outfit combination?


  1. I love this outfit, it looks soo warm and cozy. The boots are fantastic.


  2. Love the print of your maxi - haha I'm so the opposite, I think I've been freezing the past couple days this cold front is not cool!