Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Helping Hand // Index Pages

I've got something special to share with you guys! I spent a couple of hours creating some indexes for my blog. Now you can go straight to the index you want (recipes, outfits, cakes and reviews) by clicking on the little text icon under the blog header and you will arrive at a page that will look something like this;

Easy-peasy! Just click on the picture that interests you and you'll be magically transported to the post relating to the picture. A nice clear way for you to find your way around my blog, no?

Like this idea? Well, here is how I did it. 

**Please note I came up with this by myself and wasn't influenced by posts on any other blogs or sites. If you wish to use this idea on your blog, please reference it back to me. Thanks!!

So, first I labelled my photos. I use a program called Draw Plus which I downloaded off the internet. It functions similar to Photoshop, but I find it easier to use. I would highly recommend using the tutorials to get a feel for the program.

 All I did was insert the picture into the drawing, drew a rectangle over it, filled it with colour, set it so it was slightly transparent and added some text on top of it. I then grouped the picture, text and rectangle together and dragged the whole thing onto my Picasa tab and cropped it as required. Save it to your pictures folder. You could just add the text, or skip this step completley and just have the picture by itself on your index page. It's up to you!

After setting up a new page in Blogger, I loaded my index photos in the normal manner, and set them so they were size small. This way you can drag 2 together side by side. I then opened a new internet tab (hover over tab and press Ctrl+N) and opened my blog, where I selected the "outfits" tag from the sidebar that I have attached to all my ourfit posts. 

Now all you need to do is select a post, (click on the post title) copy the link from the bar at the top and return to your other tab where your new page is open. Select the photo which relates to that post and click "edit link". Just paste the link you copied into the box and voila! Your little photo will link to the post you want it to. 

I hope you found that interesting! I'm always keen to find new ways to edit photos or content for my blog. If you have any tips for me they would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. OMG I wish I could do that, I literally am retarded when it comes to computer stuff and even reading your instructions I dont get it lol although maybe I shouldnt tell people how stupid I am? I'm smart in other areas promise! haha xx

  2. Wow - it looks great! Nice work:)

  3. wow, that looks like it was a lot of work! Great idea

  4. ooh fun, i really need to spend some time jazzing up my blog a bit! it's on my never ending to do list!! x

  5. I'm loving your blog makeover! Yeah it's really fun playing around with our blog, adding pages, sorting out sidebars etc. hehe. Great job!

    Fang Ting

  6. you've finally inspired me to do buttons for my site.

    thanks hun.