Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outfit Post // Crochet Dreams

 Head Scarf - Salvation Arny Tay St, Crochet Top - Windsor Salvation Army,  
Black Jeans - Jay Jays, Black Ballet Flats - Kmart

 I found this top hanging on the wall at the Windsor Salvation Army Store a couple of weeks ago. One of the Shop Assistants got it down for me and I held my breath as I checked the price tag...$8. Sold!

It's quite a heavy top, although I can't wait to wear it in Summer with shorts and a bikini underneath. I went for this simple outfit to head into town to have lunch with the bf - I don't think this top needs anything complicated worn with it. You'll also notice I have a scarf in my hair! I've worn 3 of the vintage ones I own over the last week or so, the purple one, blue one and this one which is the green and pink one. Even the bf gave his seal of approval! I'm keen to add to my collection now....

I'm spending my weekend unpacking boxes and tidying up the kitchen at the new house. I've been trying to find a dresser for my sewing room for the last weeks and it's proving difficult!! I don't really want to be living out of a suitcase for much longer, 2 months is enough!

Please bear with me with all the changes I keep making to my blog, I'm trying to find something I'm happy with and a way to present my posts in a tidy and interesting way. I'm also going to get started on a few index pages, one for my recipes, outfit posts, cakes and DIY's (of which I have a few planned over the next wee while!) so I'll let you know when those are up!

Do you have any crochet clothes? What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. Cute top! I nabbed a cropped crochet top on Trademe ages ago....waiting for summer to hit so I can rock it! xx

  2. Love the crochet top - what a bargain! You look beautiful in it. I would like to crochet a 1970s long waistcoat, .

  3. Very cute! I would love a crochet frock - I think that would be AMAZING!

  4. that top is just perfect girl. and i love the little headband scarf that you paired with it!
    xo TJ