Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wishing Well // Candy Thermometer

 Candy Thermometer - Picture credit here

This is what I need to get my hands on on pay day (not till next week! Boo!) I have dreams of making all kinds of tasty goodies...remember my Turkish delight? I want to attempt that again plus find the perfect fudge recipe and perhaps make some toffee...

Thanks so much for all of your support on my Cakey Business post last Monday! I was so excited I emailed the lady about the markets the middle of last week. They aren't taking any more food stall holders for this year, but may be for next year.

Unfortunately the rules are pretty tight when you're selling food to members of the public here in New Zealand and I would need to make my cupcakes in a certified commercial kitchen. I investigated if I would be able to certify my home kitchen, but according to the local council rules you must have a separate kitchen from your domestic kitchen, where you produce the food. *sigh* so it's all a bit complicated!! There is one other option, where I could find a Cafe/Bakery or Hall that would let me use their certified kitchen after hours, although I can imagine how much they might like to charge and I would have to factor that into my prices somehow...

 Anyway!! It's good to know there are options. In the mean time I'm going to practice at home and keep making cakes and cupcakes for friends and family.

Do you know what the rules are for selling food to the public in your city or country? 


  1. I hope you find a great place to make your cakes soon! That is lame that you need a whole different kitchen. I think the rules here are that you can have your domestic kitchen approved but they are still really strict in the approval process. But hurry so I can order some delicious cupcakes! ;)

  2. I remember at one stage my partners mum was looking to make some jams to sell at her local farmers market but all the rules were so prohibitive. It does seem a little over the top! I really hope you manage to sort something out so that you can sell your baked goodies:)

  3. I'm clueless about the rules and the food industry. But good luck with your cup cakes endeavor!

    Fang Ting