Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outfit Post // Pink at the Races

Yes, I still do outfit posts on my blog! It has been a while though. It’s been a busy few months settling in to my new house, getting used to working by myself from home and planning, photographing and writing my ’12 Days of Christmas’  posts. Phew!

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore to The Invercargill races in the weekend for Andrews work do. It was sooo hot!! It was such a fun day, we were divided up into groups of 5, we put in $20 each and we all picked 1 horse each per race and then put down our 5 horses as a $10 trifecta bet. The group I was in had 3 wins in the first 3 races! By the end of the day we were up $60 on our original group total, so put down $30 on each of the last 2 races. Unfortunately our winning streak was over! But we left with the $20 we started with so it’s all good.

 Dress - Made by me, Pink Fascinator - Spotlight, White Clutch - Diva,  
 White Heels - No. 1 Shoe Warehouse

I whipped up this dress on my sewing machine last Thursday and Friday night. It’s the same pattern as the dress I made for my sewing class, but I free-handed the heart cut out for the back and closed the top piece with 3 little metal closures. I read an article a while ago about a woman who was making costumes for a local event. She said that when she was young in the 1960’s, she would sew a dress on the Saturday to wear to a dance being held that night. I love that idea! Making a new dress for a special occasion. So now I have great plans for dresses for future events...

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather here has been amazing lately. Invercargill is surprising me! Thank you for all your nice comments on my ’12 Days of Christmas’ posts! I’ve loved reading all your comments, and I hope some of the 50 or so viewers that have visited each day lately have got some new, cheap DIY ideas for their Christmas this year.

Tomorrow night I’m off to Dunedin to watch the Phoenix play soccer and go to a wedding on the weekend. I’m looking forward to it! 1 1/2 weeks until Christmas – woohoo!! 


  1. I cant believe you made that dress!! Love the heart at the back. Funnily enough on Saturday we were at the races here in Chch for the bf's work do haha xx

  2. I LOVE the idea of making a new frock for a special event....I need to practice my sewing more too!!

    Love what you did with the back of the frock:)

  3. oh my dear! this dress is simply beautiful!
    love the way you wore it!