Sunday, December 11, 2011

11th Day of Christmas // Gift Wrapping

I always end up spending so much money on wrapping paper. It certainly adds up pretty quick! I hate buying the really cheap stuff as it never stays together when you tape it and it always rips when you try and move your presents (mine always end up going on a car ride somewhere!)

This year I’m going heavy duty – I’m using brown paper! It’s nice and strong and is made of recycled material so that makes me feel a bit better. I’m jazzing it up with paper doilies and string with white and gold gift tags.

Follow the tutorial below to see how I wrapped my presents. It’s super easy and pretty!

You will need;

Brown paper (mine is from The warehouse or try a postage shop or stationary shop)
White Paper Doilies, various sizes
Gold Paper Doilies
White Card
Gift Card Pattern – available in a PDF here
PVA Glue or similar
Hole Punch

1. Wrap your chosen present in brown paper.  
2. Place a bit of glue on the back of a doily and stick to the top side of the present.   
3. Cut enough string to wrap around the present a couple of times.
4.  Wrap string around and tie in a knot.

1. Trace around the size of gift tag you want for your present and cut it out.  
2. Position the cut out tag under a gold doily and trim around the tag. Glue the doily to the tag.
3. Hole punch the pointed end of the tag, then write the name of the gifts recipient on the tag
4. Thread the tag onto the string on your present and tie the string in a bow.

You could use coloured doilies if you can find them, or use white doilies and coloured card for your tags.

You could also tie on some mini candy canes or chocolates to add an extra little treat to your presents! 

Like all of my '12 Days of Christmas' DIY tutorials, there is a PDF version of this blog post here. Simpy click on the link, print out the tutorial and get to work. Easy as that. Feedback appreciated!

Make sure to check out the rest of my “12 Days of Christmas” posts for more awesome decorating ideas, recipes, and gift ideas!


  1. Ooh I'm super into gift wrapping and I just love that doily idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm really keen to try something like this! If you don't mind me asking, which section of the warehouse can I find the brown paper, and how much does it cost?

  3. Whats a great idea! I just bought a three pack of xmas paper for $1.89 haha x

  4. I bought some paint and paper to make some wrapping paper today :) Your package looks beautiful:)