Thursday, November 15, 2012

Business Time // Southern Crafters Market

Yes...this post title does sound familiar!! I have just attended another Southern Crafters market here in Invercargill. It wasn't as busy as the first one but it was still pretty good!!

I thought I'd share some photos of my stall. I was really proud of it this time, I put a lot of thought into my display and  think it paid off! I ordered a banner off Vsitaprint and am stoked with how it came out - its huge! I got lots of nice comments so that was cool.

I made 8 flavours of cupcakes (lemon blossom, candy floss, double choc, carrot cake, malty milkshake, rainbow vanilla, peachy bellini and cherry bomb) a chocolate raspberry brownie & gluten free blueberry & lemon friands. Yum!

I made all my business cards myself, as well as the price lists and the cupcake menu's (I'm so pleased with the menu's! They work really well!)

Another exciting thing - my lovely friend Laura made me a website!! So check out Sequin Corner Cakes on the web - - she's added all my prices and photos which is pretty cool!

Do you guys have any little businesses on the side? Do you have a stall at a local market?


  1. Looking great missy! So dying to try one of your cup cakes!! xx

  2. You're one talented lady! Your stall looks super cute and your website looks fantastic! If I didn't live so far away I would come and sample every one of your cupcakes, they sound delicious. x

  3. This looks fabulous - you're doing so well with your wee business and also the cupcakes look delicious!!

  4. Kasey your stall looks amazing! So professional!
    LOVE your website, I would love to try your mulled wine cupcakes and next time I have a special event I'm going to have to either get a leopard print cake or the red one with high heels.
    Your baking looks delightful & I'm sure it tastes devine.
    Can you please come up and do the Christchurch markets sometime??? Pretty please? We even have a spare room xo

  5. OMG that is so cute and yummy! Could you please consider following each other?