Saturday, February 2, 2013

Roadtrip // Exploring Bluff

The weather lately has been magnificent. The end of January  and most of February tends to be fairly settled here in New Zealand. The temperatures all week have been in the mid to late 20's which is highly unusual for Invercargill! I decided to FINALLY get off my butt and do some site seeing.
 I filled up the car and headed down the coast to  Bluff-a small coastal town at the bottom of New Zealand. I had visited it once, on my 1st day at my current job. I'd glimpsed a cool-looking 2nd hand store which I was keen to check out.
I stopped across the road from the 2nd hand store and  ventured across the road to take a look.  It's filled with vintage glass, bottles, cigarette tins and boat paintings, plus old rusted tools and books! I found a pretty silver bib necklace for $10 which l decided would look perfect with my many dresses.
After I'd taken in the sites of the main drag (a 5 minute walk) I walked backed to a pub I'd seen earlier, where I ordered mini spring rolls and coffee and sat at a picnic table outside. Unfortunately while I was eating my lunch the Sandflies were eating me! l had to go ask at the bar if they had any bug spray (nope!) then run down to the 4 Square to buy some.
I wanted to have a look in the Maritime museum, but was too itches so headed home. It  was a fun trip though and I enjoyed using my camera after a bit of a break!
What are your plans for the weekend? How's the weather where you are?


  1. Ooo pretty necklace. Sadly the only time I've been to Bluff it was a very stormy Sunday avo so everything was closed. It was fascinating enough just to drive around and look at all the old houses though. Our weekend involved going to an open air movie, meeting a friends adorable newborn and driving out of town this morning to pick up 4 new little chickens to add to the gang!

  2. Awww I haven't been to Bluff in forever! Weather here has been fantastic too, meant to rain tomorrow though :( xx