Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is summer here, I promise...

Black Fringe bag Postie Plus, Plain black cardigan Supre, Sequin front cardigan Valley Girl,
Black jeans Kmart, Boots Number 1 Shoe Warehouse

I am definitely struggling with what to wear these days. Today started off with drizzle, which was interspersed with brilliant sunshine throughout the day. There was a clear moment during my lunch break so I went for a drive to find a place to take photos. I came across this shed in the middle of nowhere and loved how the grey blue of the door matched the sky.

The day ended up being pretty warm so i was pretty toasty by 5pm! But layering a couple of cotton cardigans meant I wasn't too hot. I love this sparkley number - I normally wear it open over a t-shirt, but today buttoned it up - it kind of looked like a sparkley waistcoat which I liked! I bought my boots last year, I had $50 in my bank account the day before pay day and when I saw these I thought it was a pretty good deal!! They are so comfy and I love the different textures of the materials.

There is also a better photo of my bag - I love it!! It fits so much stuff and opens quite wide so it's easy to find things.


  1. like it ! i have the same bag as u !

  2. Cute! Love that bag!!

    Sucks that the weather is so crazy over by you...that def makes dressing a challenge.

    We just got a big snow storm here in NY. :(

  3. Rosa: yay! I love my bag!
    Stylemebad: at least with snow you know to dress warm I suppose! :)
    Marella: thank you! :)

  4. girlfriend, i love this!im excited to follow your blog and start catching up on your posts!

  5. loveee your outfit :)

  6. great boots! love your blog...

    follow each other?

    amy leah
    the coquetiquette