Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great luck at the Op-Shop

A quick lunchtime visit to an op-shop near my work ended in victory - with a sign on the window saying "$5 fill-a-bag" how could I walk away?!

After rifling through various racks, I came across these 3 lace bodysuits. You know when you find something awesome and you want to squeal out loud but you're afraid of scaring the other customers? One of those moments. I love the one with the little buttons down the front!

I also found this gorgeous Girl Guides belt - how awesome would this look wrapped around a long dress or skirt? "be prepared" almost my motto!

My last find was this cosy, oversize merino jersey. I haven't owned a jersey in so long, but I think this one would be perfect for winter with tights and boots and a chunky scarf. It was also "made in NZ" so that makes me happy to be buying homegrown!

I can't wait to think of some different ways to wear the body suits - any tips for me? One is quite shear, I think it would look good under a cardigan or jacket, the other 2 just have lace at the top. Any ideas let me know in the comments!


  1. Awesome finds! How lucky!

    I think rockin the lace tops with jeans and a blazer is super sexy! You def want to dress down the rest of your outfit or it may be too much I would think?

  2. Jealous. I always get flustered when I go to places where I have too many options. I just stand there drooling over everything! XD Haha

    Castle Fashion

  3. eep! Im so jealous of your amazing finds. Those lace body suits are incredible! wow. Thanks so much for your sweet're a gem!! love your blog. Have a great rest of your week!! xo