Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top Picks - Fav Products

I thought I would write a post on my favourite products I use almost daily. Most of these I have been using for a least a couple of years, so they are tried and tested!

I use this daily to wash my face. I used to try out all different types of cleansers from cheap to expensive ones, but at the end of the day my skin has been so much clearer since using this!

I use this daily as well - it is just for eyes, but I'm a bit lazy so I use it over my whole face and it's awesome!! Even the times where I have been extra lazy and not washed my face afterwards and headed to bed, my skin was fine - no bad side effects!

I love this product - it took me years to realise my hair doesn't like to be straightened - So now I just straighten my fringe and spritz some of this in the ends and scrunch it - it drys kind of kinky and messy and I love it!!

A friend introduced me to this a few years ago - it is amazing! It keeps your legs looking smooth, it has an amazing smell (ahhh...chocolate??!!) and a slight shimmer. Perfect for day or night and lasts for ages - and it is a reasonable price!

This stuff is so handy and lasts forever. Perfect over sunburn, stops itchy bits itching or keep it in the fridge and use whenever you need to cool down. I always take it on holiday with me and someone always needs to borrow some!

This always comes in handy on those days where I wake up having slept through my alarm, realise I have to be at work in 15 minutes and am still in my pj's...priceless.

Well those are some of my favourites. Anything you guys think is amazing and worth a try? I always like trying out new things!


  1. I love it! Really like your blog as well :)

  2. Ah, thanks for the review! I might try the leg gloss this summer!


    -La Copine