Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wishlist - Label Maker

Well, yes this isn't very exciting really, but I have wanted one of these for years and have never got round to it. So this is my reminder to myself I NEED one now, I have to label all my different containers of colours and miscellaneous cake decorating supplies so I know whats what - I just opened up my box of stuff to tidy it up to take to class next week and it's a bit of a mess! This handy little tool would fix that up pretty quick I reckon...


  1. I've always thought those were really neat! :o)


  2. I have one too! Very useful :) xx

  3. Your valentines day sounds exactly like my dream vday! that sounds just perfect. I have always wanted one of these too!! Hope you get it and show us all how cool it is. xo

  4. I have one at home and work. Yes very useful!!


  5. That's a good idea, I need one for my shoeboxes haha


  6. Shoe boxes! What an awesome idea :) I will have to wait awhile though, bills to be paid first! It is a good reminder having it on my blog though :)