Monday, August 15, 2011

Outfit Post // Crimson in the Snow

 Red Jersey - Uknown (Trademe), Black Skirt - Recycle Boutique, Black Tights - Won from Razzamatazz, Black Boots - The Warehouse, Grey Scarf - Postie Plus

While Dunedin and Christchurch have plenty of snow lying around, down here in Invercargill we're a bit lacking in that department! Plenty of snow flurries, but not really enough to settle...yet. Lucky little me is getting a 4 day weekend while I wait for the guy to come hook up my interent for work so I'd quite like some white stuff to frolick in while I have nothing else to do!

I managed to take these photos in the middle of a snow flurry this morning. I'm wearing my newly purchased vintage bright red jersey I got off trademe last week. I wore it to work the day after I got it, when I also had an appointment to get some blood tests. I managed to pass out which was lots of fun and when I woke up all the nurses were saying how nice my jersey was as they propped me up on the bed! Whoops, that made for an exciting afternoon....

I hope everyone is keeping warm, I love winter so much but I usually only love snow when its enough to be fun as you get a day off work, not when its only a sprinkle which is inconveinient!!

Does anyone have any good winter food ideas I could try out? Especially lunches I could make at home for the bf when he comes home for lunch!


  1. What a cute jersey looks so snuggly and warm! Im on day two of no work cos of snow and apparently the worst is yet to come!! P.s. I still cant see pics it just comes up with lines but if I click on the lines it takes me to the picture....random.

  2. Love your vintage jumper, it looks so snuggly & warm <3
    I'm a big fan of curries & anything with chilli in winter, they seem to warm you up from the inside out :)

  3. love your outfit! and those pictures are just beautiful!

  4. I love taking pictures in the snow! Such a cute outfit. My sister ALWAYS passes out when they take her blood, even talking about it makes her so so ill. It's terrible! At least you got to wake up to compliments ;)

  5. Oh no, I hope you are feeling better, my dear!! Poor thing! Although it is funny that the nurses were still commenting on how fashionable you are!

    It is so, so awesome that it is snowing there! I miss snow!

  6. i love your skirt.^^

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