Friday, May 20, 2011

Outfit Post - Sweet Velvet

 Black Velvet Dress - Shop on Taieri, Lace bodysuit - Shop on Taieri, Black Blazer - Recycle Boutique,  
Boots - The Warehouse, Tights - Kmart, Skull 3 Finger ring - Lovisa,  
Purple Leopard Scarf - 1 2 3 Dollar Store, Effiel Tower Earrings - Diva

This is my new favourite dress!! All business down the front, a little bit special at the back. A perfect piece for a Friday at work with a blazer over top, that could easily transition into night time to wear out for after work drinks or the usual eating out that gets done on a Friday!

I picked it up from Shop on Taieri the other day. It's actually from Glassons originally, but I don't know how old it is, either way I've been relishing its velvety goodness!!

I decided to wear my vintage lace bodysuit seen in this post underneath, I love the little touch of lace. I have to say I didn't wear my ring at the office (can you imagine typing wearing that?!) but it's one of the items I carry around in my handbag for a bit of extra bling when I need it. My scarf was an impulse buy the other day, but hey, at $7 it wasn't a big splash out. 

I've got a busy weekend ahead with readying my house for an open home on Sunday, there's so much cleaning and gardening to do! Hopefully the weather holds up for me. Enjoy your weekends everyone!!


  1. i'm drooling over the back of the dress. so pretty!


  2. Lovely dress and please tell me more about the ring! I have a lot of rings and I also have to do a lot of typing (like this comment when I should be working) but only one or two of them are too heavy to type with!

  3. love the outfit!!!<3

  4. Pretty dress m'dear, I really like your scarf

  5. Oh my goodness Kc, I don't know that I would've even thought to pair a blazer with that for daytime but now that you mention it, it IS so versatile! How cute. And I really like the location you shot these photos in, it feels so open!

  6. Great outfit!
    Following you back x

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