Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The First Touch of Winter

 Sweater Cape - Salvation Army Op Shop, Jeans - Kmart
Stud High Tops - The Warehouse, Plain Ring - Thieves Alley Markets,
Bow Earrings - Diva

I woke up to a summery 4 degrees this morning, the coolest it has been so far this year! Although the forecast predicted a temperature rise during the day, I couldn't resist wearing my new acquisition - this gorgeous, cosy, cape-like jersey I found yesterday at the Salvation Army Store.

I went for a cruise on the route my Dad taught me to drive on last year, and after some dirt roads and train tracks stopped at this quiet little spot to take my photos. The only interruption was a huge tractor that I thought was a train going past until it roared around the corner - heart attack!!

I hope you'll notice my new buttons I have included up the top by my banner - click on them to check out all the posts labelled with the headings shown!! They took me hours to figure out, but I got there in the end and I'm pretty happy with the result.

I'm so close to 30 followers, I can't believe it!! Thanks so much everyone, I'm willing that number over the 30 mark, I can't believe how many I've gathered lately. Thank you!!


  1. That cape is amazing, love!

  2. You look amazing dear! Loooove your outfit! <3

  3. love this outfit !!

  4. Cute outfit :) I LOVE the shoes, been looking for the all black studded converse for ages, but can't seem to find them anywhere :(

  5. I love how you balance the baggy cape with the skinny jeans!

    Loving the new banner buttons too :o)


  6. Thanks for all the nice comments!! :)
    Melanie: I was On the verge of DIY-ing my own pair just before I found these. Shouldn't be too difficult, some plain shoes and studs from a craft store or eBay or something. I've been looking for them for months!!

    I've just picked up some new goodies including gold tones - time to warm up my wardrobe again! :)


  7. lovely!!