Sunday, March 13, 2011

All A-glow in Silver and Bronze

I was supposed to update yesterday, but after a long day at the show helping out and a dinner date with friends I was ready for a decent sleep!

The show went really well for the Sugarcraft Club, we had pretty good numbers through the doors and 20 new people interested in taking classes!! The woman who runs them is considering starting a new class just to keep up with the demand. Kids and adults loved decorating their own cupcake or biscuit and voting for their favourite piece at the show.

I arrived on Saturday morning to check out how my entries went in the competition. I knew my floral spray was slightly too large (I wanted to use all the flowers I had made!) and my wedding cake would have looked better with a larger board, and these were reflected in the judges comments. Overall she thought my flowers were "beautiful" and my Bride and Groom were gorgeous and had "character" I received a bronze award (73 points) for my floral spray, a bronze award (78 points - 2 off a silver!) for my wedding cake and a SILVER (81 points!!) for my pettinice entry. I had to be happy with that!!

Photos of all my entries are included over at Sequin Corner Cakes. A few other people from my class also entered, and almost all of them either received bronze or silver awards too. Our teacher was so happy with all of us!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, I'm looking forward to a weeks worth of early nights!

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