Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outfit Post // Moving Day

Lavender Cardigan - Shop on Taieri, Icecream Shirt - Shop on Taieri, Grey Silk Skirt - Shop on Taieri, 
 Boots - The Warehouse, Orange, Pink and Black Rope Bracelets - Cotton On,  
White Watch - The Warehouse

I've been yawning my head off for the last hour or so now. Today was finally moving day and I've spent the last week packing everything I own into boxes. I'm such a nerd, I've kept all the boxes all my kitchen appliances came in, so it was a matter of finding the right box, then working out the jigsaw puzzle that is fitting the appliance back into the box without cords and lids spilling out from the sides! The last 2 were a complete fail, the fan got halfway in before I gave up and the guitar hero got left for the bf to sort out!

We've lived in this house for a year and a half, the longest we've lived somewhere for the past 5 years. Leases in Dunedin are ruled by the University calender, and typically run for a year before you move on to the next place. This house was the first place that felt like home. We only had 1 other flatmate (instead of up to 4 others in previous years!) so it was nice and quiet. I love this house, it just fits me perfectly. It's quirky, cute and compact, me in a nutshell! It's bittersweet leaving it now, there's so much that could be done to it to make it better, but onwards and upwards I guess!

I took these photos among the leftover furniture in my bedroom. Don't worry, I wasn't moving stuff in these clothes!! I got this shirt last week. As soon as I saw it I though "icecream shirt!" a perfect addition to my wardrobe for spring and summer. It was a spur of the moment decision to take some photos before I left. I almost had a little cry at the end. I really will miss this house. I know some people can travel through life with hardly any possessions, but to me all the things I own are a little extension of me, and I always struggle to give them up.

Have you moved somewhere recently? Do you hate moving too? Do you get attached to things and places like me? 


  1. Great skirt =)

  2. Good luck! It will be a great move I'm sure. Moving is always scary to me. I moved to Dunedin from the states to be with my bf and could only take 2 bags with me. So I basically own nothing anymore. It feels so weird. I hope to start my collection over here. :) I like your "Ice cream Shirt" haha its very pretty.

  3. Lovely outfit. I love that you mixed sheer light fabrics with a chunky knit.