Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Lately // NY Resolutions - 20 for 2012

  Ah - A great example of what happens when car drivers toot at you because they don't understand why you're standing on the side of the road, eating a jelly tip iceblock and taking pictures of yourself...

I realise we are into the 3rd week of January, but in all honesty I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to think of some New Year’s resolutions until now!

I have gone for a list of 20 things I want to complete this year. 12 didn’t seem like enough! I could have gone with my age this year (I’ll be 26 at the end of April) but I was struggling towards 20 so it will do! “Twenty for twenty-twelve” has a nice ring to it.

I want to complete as many of these as possible. Some of them are simple and easy, but I think you need some like that to balance out the harder ones. Here we go!

1.    Go on an op-shopping road trip – For ages I’ve wanted to travel around both Southland and Otago visiting small-town op shops and finding clothing and furniture bargains. Good excuse for a couple of days off work mid-week?
2.    Set up my cake decorating studio – I need to get a table, another set of shelves, some more equipment, decorate…lots to do!
3.    Read 20 books – I’m keen to get back into reading this year. Currently I’m reading the Cross Stitch series (amazing!) further recommendations welcome!
4.    Wear more dresses – I really want a wardrobe full of dresses. They’re great to wear while I’m working at home – much better than trackies!!
5.    Use my sewing machine once a week – this means more handmade clothes, presents, things for my home.
6.    Learn to ski or snowboard – I’ve always lived 2-3 hours away from the ski fields and have never gone skiing!! This year it’s a must.
7.    Keep in touch with old friends – Means getting my Facebook on (we can be friends! Look up “Kasey Dewar” – that’s me!) sending a text or writing a letter.
8.    Make my house more homely – time to make/buy some art for the walls, get some pillows, paint some furniture and make it more me!
9.    Work on the marketing for Sequin Corner – Sorting a logo, brochures, website, menu, flyers, advertising in a local paper…
10.  Make some new friends – I’m so happy I’ve made some blogging friends over the last year. Here’s to more this year and maybe meeting some of them in real life!
11.  Get back to a size 8 all over – I’m an 8 on top, it’s time to work on the bottom half! (I’m only a size 10 on the bottom so it’s not far to go!)
12.  Learn a new skill – I’ve kept this general, any ideas are welcome.
13.  Get my full drivers license – I was eligible for this April last year – come on Kasey!
14.  Continue to build my self confidence – This blog has helped me so much with this already, it’s so nice to feel happy being me. I’ve realised its ok to not follow the crowd, take a compliment from someone I barely know (on the blog or in real life!) and “work” whatever I’m wearing.
15.  Make macaroons – I know my oven is a good one and I’ve bought myself a macaroon recipe book – now to make them…
16.  Upholster a chair – I know of some upholstery classes that are run in Invercargill, I really want a second hand chair covered in nice material for my dressing room.
17.  Have a market stall – I have so much research and email/letter writing to do before I can do this! But I’m so keen; it would be awesome for my little business.
18.  Take more photos of life – this means having my camera with me, taking pictures and capturing little things that make me happy, the places I’ve been and bits of my life.
19.  See more of New Zealand­ – I have friends all over the place in New Zealand now, I need to text them, see if I can crash on their couch and fly/drive/swim to see them!
20.  Get over my fear of being the odd one out – I have to remember – it’s ok if I’m wearing a maxi dress while all the other girls are wearing jeans, or everyone orders one thing for dinner and I get the opposite. We still have interests that overlap and its better I feel more like me then try to conform!!

It will be interesting to look back next year and see which ones I have completed. Here's to a big year! What are some of your New Year resolutions??


  1. Some great resolutions there hun, Ill be doing a few of the same myself me thinks! Hope the earthquake Saturday didnt give you too much of a fright, it went for quite awhile eh! P.S. totes adding you on FB xx

  2. A great list and a nice mix of big things and smaller goals. If you ever want to drop by Wellington on your quest to see more of NZ then we have a soft bed you can sleep on:D