Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life Lately // Laura & Cody's Wedding Part 2

So here’s part two of the wedding posts! You can read part one here. I managed to wake up pretty early on the Saturday morning of the wedding (thanks to the birds outside my window!) which meant I was in desperate need of a good coffee!

In the Hairdresser's chair!

We headed to the Hairdressers at 9:30am. The bridesmaids all had a chat about what we were going to do with our hair; Laura liked the idea of braids so we all rolled with that. The Hairdressers were really friendly and speedy – I swear my hair only took half an hour! The Makeup Artist met us at the hairdressers and did our makeup once our hair was done. We were all ready to go back to the house at lunch time!

My hair at the back 
My friends awesome side braid/bun thing!

My Mum and her friend came around to the house to see our hair and makeup and grab our cameras so they could take photos at the church later on. The Photographer arrived not long after so we all got dressed and helped Laura get into her dress! Once we were all ready we took some photos outside. We all hopped on the trampoline and the Photographer snapped some pics – it was so fun!

3/4 of the Bridesmaids after we got out of the car at the church
Us girls trying to remember when to walk in // Laura & her Dad about to walk down the aisle

The Maid of Honour drove the Bridesmaids car to the church, with Laura, her Mum and Stepdad in a separate car. It was so scary walking down the aisle first – I was so nervous as everyone was watching! Thankfully I made it to the end without tripping up (I’m usually pretty good at falling over) The ceremony was so sweet with the Bride and Groom reading their own vows and the Wine Box Ceremony at the end. It was nice to head out into the sunshine afterwards!

At the church

After some family pictures we headed off to get the Bridal party pictures taken. We went to a lookout overlooking Christchurch city where it was so windy! I’m pretty sure my hair will be doing some crazy Mohawk type-thing in the photos. We had a sneaky glass of wine and then headed further up the hills until we were overlooking Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour. The boys hit some golf balls out over the water while the Photographer took photos and us girls yelled out numbers from 1 – 10 rating their shots!

3/4 of the Bridesmaids outside the church // Andrew & I

We headed back down from the hills and were only slightly late arriving at the reception. Then it was time for eating, drinking and dancing! My Mum and her friend had done an awesome job of setting up the cupcakes and my friend had followed my instructions for the placment of the cake topper perfectly. A local Christchurch girl had made the cupcakes and top cake for the wedding and I got some really nice comments about the cake topper I had made. They had a photobooth there with props which was so much fun!

 The pretty cupcake tower!

After we had got rid of the Bride and Groom the rest of us headed back to the house we were staying at, opened another bottle of wine and jumped in the spa! A great end to an awesome day.

It was really fun experiencing a wedding from a Bridesmaids point of view! I’ve only ever been a guest before. I couldn’t believe all the work my friend and her family had put into the day, but it was well worth it and so organised – everything ran smoothly. I’m so glad I could help her celebrate her special day.

Have you been a Bridesmaid before? How did you find it? Did the wedding you were part of run smoothly? 


  1. Ohh is that Noahs Ark? My friend got married there :) Lovely photos sounds like it was a fab day xx

    1. Umm not sure - it was on a hill above Cashmere? Really pretty inside and out! :)

  2. I was a bridesmaid at my sister's wedding, it was very tiring I thought! Haha. Your hair looks lovely.

    1. Thanks! :) Heh yes it is pretty hard work! I was so tired after the weekend, plus we had to drive for 7 hours to get back home. But it was a fun weekend so that makes up for it :)

  3. What a lovely wedding! I have to admit I have been a bridesmaid quite a few times but never worn anything as nice as the dress you wore.

    1. The Bride wanted to make sure we were all comfortable on the day, these dresses were perfect! :)

  4. you did an amazing job on that cake topper!