Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Lately // Laura & Cody's Wedding Part 1

 3/4 Bridesmaids after we got out of the car at the church

I thought I would split the events and photos from the wedding into a couple of posts, so here’s the first lot! I travelled up to Christchurch last Thursday with my Mum, one of the other bridesmaids (who I’ve known forever!) and her Mum. We stopped at the Rainbow lolly factory in Oamaru on the way up, as well as the Cookie Time factory just out of Christchurch. I bought some tiny jubes from the lolly factory which I have cupcake-related plans for!

Our friend Laura (the Bride) had booked an amazing holiday house for all of us to stay at. It had a spa!! We spent the afternoon tying ribbon around programmes and tealight holders and writing a list of things to do for Friday. For dinner we went to a Moroccan restaurant down the street – I was in heaven! All the other girls ordered wraps, but I had to try a tagine – it was so worth it! I was full after eating only half of it. After a quiet glass of wine we all headed off to bed.

The incredibly cute programmes the Bride designed herself!

On Friday we went to the church in the morning for the rehearsal. We girls were all relieved to see the aisle was carpeted so our shoes wouldn’t slip! We practised walking in time to the music in our shoes. I had to go first after the flower girl! Once I remembered to hold my hands like I was holding a bouquet (about halfway down the aisle!) I felt much steadier.

A mo for every boy and lips for every girl...

 The Bride had this made. I want one for my cupcake market stall!

Straight after the rehearsal we went to the reception venue to set all of that up. Laura had made so many sweet little additions for the tables! I loved her lips and moustache straws. The place looked amazing once we had finished! After we were done there we headed to a mall to get our nails done, tick a few things off our list and have some lunch.

The tables looked amazing after we had set everything up!

The Maid of Honour cooked us all an awesome dinner that night and the Bridesmaids made a list of things to pack for the next day. Laura gave us a present each – some gorgeous earrings she had made for us to wear at the wedding, some perfume and matching clutch bags! I decided to write a quick poem to go in my card for the Bride and Groom – meaning I didn’t get to sleep until 2am! Whoops!

 Some of our Bridesmaid gifts - A black clutch, mini perfume, gel pads for our shoes & the 
earrings the Bride made for us!

 The awesome handmade earrings the Bride had made for the Bridesmaids

I’ll share what we got up to on the day of the wedding in another post. I had so much fun catching up with old friends, laughing, eating amazing food and seeing one of my closest friends marry her best friend. Amazing weekend!!


  1. Sounds amazing hun, love the mo and lip straws! xx

  2. the programme looks so cute! did she draw all the pictures herself too? what a talented bride!

    1. Hey Helen! :) I think she designed them on a website somewhere, then made the programmes up in photoshop :)

  3. this is such a beautiful post! <3


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