Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Outfit Post - Cornflower Blue, Golden Grass

I finally had a spare 5 minutes to rush off into the windy vineyard to take some outfit pics before I had to come home from my holiday in Cromwell. As I haven’t really been up that early over the summer holidays I had to wait until late afternoon when the sun was a bit lower to take some pictures. Unfortunately in Cromwell the wind ALWAYS picks up at this time so I ended up with some movement shots! I had fun spinning around and walking in front of the camera though. I just need to work on keeping me in focus...

Blue Dress - Dotti, Nude Chunky Heels - Kmart, Watch - The Warehouse,  
Rope Bracelets - Cotton On

This outfit is a great example of what I’ve been living in this summer. I’ve been keeping it easy and simple with a pretty dress and depending on the occasion wedges or strappy sandals. The ones I am wearing here are my new favourites – and they’re from Kmart of all places! I needed some nude shoes for the wedding I’m a bridesmaid for so I went shoe shopping with another of the bridesmaids. She found these awesome shoes and they are perfect – I was looking at wedges or chunky heels, these are so comfortable and sturdy and aren’t going to fly off my feet! Plus they’re surprisingly easy to walk in. Winning!!

What have you guys been up to over the holidays? Have you had a holiday? I’ve been back at work for a couple of days and Thursday I’m off to Christchurch for the wedding. It’s so exciting!! I’m just hoping the shaky ground stays quiet for the few days that I’m there. (might be wishful thinking!) Hopefully I’ll have some photos to show you guys next week!


  1. I want that dress! And those shoes! And I also want it to be summer again here in the UK...

  2. Ive seen that dress in Dotti - love it! Love the colour and the lace and yay for awesome shoes from Kmart! I figured you'd be busy when you came up but rude not to try haha xx

  3. That dress is lovely! I love the vivid blue shade. Like Suki, I also want it to be summer here in the UK!

  4. Those are awesome shoes! I can't believe they are from K-mart. You never know what you'll find huh? That shade of blue really suits you:)

  5. gorgeous! love those shoes and that dress is so sweet.

    come visit us at: abutterflybyday.com!
    we miss hearing from you :]

    xo, camilla & valerie

  6. I adore the color of that dress! It looks so cute on you!

    I was really confused when you said summer... Then I realized you're from New Zealand. DUH.


  7. Love the dress! Its the perfect twirl skirt!!!

  8. Beautiful dress and shoes! You look lovely :)