Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outfit Post - Lavender Sky Above Me

 Black Jacket - Kmart, Lavender 1 button shirt - Glassons, Lace Bodysuit - Shop on Taieri, 
 Lace Skirt - Shop on Taieri, Black Tights - Kmart, Black Boots - The Warehouse,  
Star Earrings - Lovisa

I wore this outfit last week and I liked it so much I pulled it out again yesterday. I picked up this shirt from Glassons last week - I still have a bit of credit left from my birthday vouchers so I'm using it up slowly! I love how it's all floaty, perfect for layering over a fitted skirt. II'm wearing my lace body suit underneath - just a touch of lace was peaking out, it looked so pretty. I love these photos!! I got so many good ones and it only took about 20 minutes - awesome!

I've worn this jacket over every outfit for about 4 days straight - I wanted something I could use throughout all the seasons and I think this jacket will be perfect! I went up a size so I could layer cardigans and jerseys underneath it for winter. I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe of pieces that go with everything else, it's hard work but I'm getting there. I know they say spend a bit of money on pieces that will last a few years, but I'm prone to changing my mind and usually the ones I don't spend much money on are the favourites I keep for ages. 

I love the sunrises and sunsets here in winter. Mainly because for once I don't have to drive to work with the sun in my eyes - at the moment it's behind me both ways! It's so nice driving along the motorway and watching the sky change from blue, to lavender and peach out of my window. 

I received exciting news today - I'll be heading down to Invercargill next week to review the Royal NZ Ballet's 'Stravinsky Selection'. I'm looking forward to it! It's been a while since I have done a review, and I'm hearing very good things so far about the show. Plus Karen Walker designed the costumes!

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of their week, I'm looking forward to Queens Birthday weekend this weekend and a 3 day holiday!


  1. These photos really are lovely!
    Have fun at the review! xo

  2. You look very sweet - I love when you pick up a piece that works with everything.

    Let me know what you think of the ballet... I didn't like the first act at all, and I learnt a bit more about it today (it's a rape scene... yikes - my friend's flatmate is one of the dancers)

  3. Love your hair! I wish i had waves...


  4. @jamie-lee - thanks for the heads up! At least you get variety with the 3 acts, it's going to be fun trying to fit all 3 into my review without it being pages long!

    @Sweet harvest moon - aww thanks!! :) my hair is naturally straight with a few kinks, I spray beach spray in it and scrunch it up so it goes kinky - easier than spending all morning straightening it! :)


  5. amazing outfit! and the place you took the photos looks so nice :)


  6. Your hair is so beautiful:)

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