Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outfit Post - Men at Work

Check Shirt - Farmers, Black T-shirt - Supre, Scarf - Shop on Taieri, 
Grey Silk Polka Dot Skirt - Shop on Taieri, Black Tights - Kmart, Boots - The Warehouse 

Well, there wasn't men at work, just a lonely digger surrounded by rubble! I jumped out of the car and hurried over to take some pictures before the digger driver returned. You should have seen my boots afterwards - there was a nice crusty layer of mud around the bottom! If I had of been wearing shorts perhaps I might have looked like I belonged there....nah!

I love my skirt. I've only owned it for a week and have worn it 3 times. I had looked at it multiple times at Shop on Taieri before it disappeared one day and finally returned a couple of weeks later. I've worn it with a oversize jersey, thick tights and a scarf, as well as my new leather jacket, a lose white singlet and studded sandals for my birthday afternoon tea with the family.

My shirt is also a new favourite - as seen in my road trip photos here. It's a nice fit and I love the colours. I found this scarf the other day, perfectly purple, vintage and it has drawings of Italian buildings all over it - random and pretty!

I'm looking forward to the weekend now, 1 more weekday and I'm there. Bring on sleeping in, tasty breakfasts and hopefully some decent weather!


  1. interesting location, indeed! I like

  2. You are absolutely beautiful!

    I just bought a dress from Modcloth that I've seriously worn three times this week. oops! ;)


    Visit here! :)

  4. Love your look - purple is one my faves too. I must head out to Mosgiel this weekend and look in the shops.

  5. oh that skirt is so pretty - I can see why you jumped at the chance to buy it when it popped up again :)

  6. what a pretty skirt! i love it with the plaid top - great photos - they were totally worth a little mud! ;)

    sorelle in style

  7. hahah- love the background. cute post! xo

  8. what an awesome setting for a shoot!

  9. loved the skirt.perfect outfit..Perfect post..Keep blogging honey.Great workblog..
    follow us and we will follow you back!
    yours fashionably Modeliciousbites from Greece!