Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY - Marie Antoinette Costume

I completely forgot to post these photos of the dress I made for my birthday party. I had a "French Theme" party and decided to dress up in a Marie Antoinette inspired get up. 

I had a dress at home I was going to use, but then I saw a bedspread at the Salvation Army Store in this material and I thought it would be perfect. $5, 1 un-picked old dress, (to use as a pattern) 1 hacked up bedspread and a couple of evenings later I had this little number ready to go.

I learnt so much from just chopping up one dress and turning it into another!! I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I tried out some tricks I hadn't perfected before - using gathers, making sleeves and using the elastic for the gathers around the bottom. 

I can't wait for my next attempt with the sewing I just need an excuse to make something... 


  1. thanks SO much for your wonderful comment on my post from yesterday. really thank you.
    i cannot believe you made the dress in this post yourself - it's lovely! so good!

  2. Holy jesus girl this dress is AH-maze. You have to post a pic of you in it please :)

  3. You made this dress out of a BEDSPREAD?!?! Wow. I am in awe right now, Kc. This dress is gorgeous. I love the pattern, it is SO Marie Antoinette!! This dress literally looks like something she would have worn. You have some serious talent. :)