Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food Post - Bento Box Lunches

 Monday: Marmite and cheese toasties, Kiwifruit and orange, Cucumber and carrots

 Tuesday: Mini homemade cucumber sushi, Assorted nuts and choc buttons, 
Greek yoghurt with berries, Sliced kiwifruit

 Wednesday: Carrot sticks, Greek yoghurt and apple and strawberry puree, olives, pretzel sticks, 
hummus and peppermint lollies

 Thursday: Leftover Salmon sushi, Greek yogurt and maple syrup (small container), 
Homemade poptart, pretzel sticks, sliced apple

 Friday: Vegetable dumplings (from frozen) and dipping sauce, carrot sticks and cream cheese, 
seaweed rice crackers, leftover chocolate pudding and Greek yoghurt (small container), 
peppermint lollies

I've enjoyed the odd bento box while out with friends at a nice little Japanese restaurant in town. I love all the little compartments with their separate tasty dishes, and I'm always on the look out for a suitable lunch box to create my own. I finally found one last week, and for once went a whole week taking my lunch to work which was great for a change!! The photos were all taken on my iphone, the boss might have given me some strange looks if I took my DSLR to work to photograph my lunch...

I still need to work on what to put in them I think. It takes a bit of thinking going through the ingredients in my fridge and cupboards and coming up with suitable and tasty options to fill up the containers. Thankfully there is a bunch of handy blogs out there full of awesome ideas! Check some of these out;

1. Lunch in a box - Check it out here
2. Pikko's Bento Blog - here
3. Jacki's Bento Blog - here 
4. What's for Lunch at Our House - here 
5. Cooking Cute - Check it out here 

Anyways now I can't get the idea out of my head of owning a nice little classy bento lunch box. Unfortunatley Dunedin isn't exactley a hub for these sort of things (in fact, I'm pretty sure you can't buy them here at all!) So if anyone has any ideas on where I can get one, fill me in. 
Better go make my lunch for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to another sun-shiny day - might eat my bento lunch outside tomorrow!


  1. I know how to cook sushi very well! I love it!
    <3 bento!!


  2. you made me hungry!

    Nice blog you have here, I'm following you!

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  3. This is pretty cute! I''m always too disorganised with my lunch, I wrap everything in glad wrap and pop it in a bag haha

  4. Haha I find it so much easier to eat my lunch if it looks pretty! Otherwise I end up wasting money and buy something else...

    Kc :)

  5. J'adore suchi!!!!!!Mmm...
    Angela Donava

  6. Thanks for the comment KC, I replied :) Those little lunch boxes are divine!

  7. Heh thanks! :) I haven't kept up with them this week but I'm gonna try get back into it next week! :)