Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recent Purchases - Cake Forks and Shiny Plates

I've started a couple of collections lately. Firstly, I've been finding little forks at the Salvation Army store to use as cake forks. I especially love the one with the little piggy on it and they one with the monkeys! I also think one might have originally lived on an aeroplane too...the best thing? All were under 50c each!

The other collection is a group of metal trays and plates. I love the tray I found a little while ago - I used it last weekend as a platter with cheese, bread, grapes and other goodies. Plus, it was only $5 - bargain! I also have 2 of the little bowls in the last picture - perfect for olives or sundried tomatoes. 

I love having things to look out for when I go op-shopping. It's always nice to have a guideline on what to look for, it stops me buying random stuff!!

Is there anything you collect? I'd love to know!


  1. Those fork are so cute! I love how cake forks are so small and pretty. And.. it feels like you get to eat for cake as it takes longer than with a regular size fork :) The trays are gorgeous. I want one!

  2. Haha I know!! I considered buying a little matching set of them from Briscoes or something, but vintage is so much better, and more interesting :) There were 2 trays there when I bought mine, I wish I had bought both, as the other one had disappeared by the next day :(


  3. amazing! love your blog. following! follow mine too :0 xo