Saturday, May 14, 2011

Outfit Post - Marie Antoinette Costume

As requested, here is a couple of pics of me wearing the dress I made. Please excuse my hair and boring background!! I took these not long after I had finished it. I didn''t get any good pictures on the night so this is all I have.

Thanks for your awesome comments!! :) I'm stoked it came out this well and the pattern is perfect.

Well I'm off to watch the bf play soccer, I hope you all enjoy your weekends!


  1. So romantic outfit!
    It reminds my alice in wonderland :D

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  2. Wow, that's pretty good! :) love it!

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  3. oooh la la a sexy marie antoinette!!!
    lovely outfit! you just remind me of
    Alice in Wonderland too!
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  4. What a pretty dress!! Love it so much :)

  5. oh, tjis outfit is so pretty, i love it :)

  6. I really love your dress!

  7. You did such a great job! It looks amazing :)