Friday, August 26, 2011

Dreamy Interiors // Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen

So this is the second installment in my "Dreamy Interiors" series! Of course to a cake-mad-baking-nutter like me, the kitchen is a very important part of any house I live in! My first main concern is a well-functioning oven, I really hope the one in whichever house we buy works well! Otherwise I'll be finding an Electrician to take a look at it, can't have burnt cakes!

Again I'm going with the glass/white/silver/gold/purple theme here. I think they are colours I would like to continue throughout the house, perhaps with a touch of brown too, as I found a beautiful vintage glass coffee mug the other day which was brown and I've also seen some cosy chairs that I absolutely love!

I couldn't find a rectangle white table that I liked, so this will have to do. I would love to find an old one and sand it up and paint it, if I have the time! Otherwise a nice timber one would look just as good I think.

Some pretty vintage cake plates, preserving jars (which I already use to store my baking ingredients) nice cutlery, and a few gold vases would do the trick I think!

Do you have any suggestions for my dream kitchen? Luckily I already have all the appliances, I just need to make it pretty!! 


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