Monday, August 1, 2011

Life as I Know it // Snow Day 2011

The view looking out from the mall carpark
The view looking up my St
The view from the top of my St
Hershey not too impressed with the white stuff
 Me making snow balls! (love my new hand-knitted headband from Trademe!)

Well hello! I thought I'd share some more pictures of the snow that graced Dunedin with its presence last week. Snow is usually a big deal around here, it's not too often we get it right down to sea level. The whole city usually grinds to a halt!

The bf and I went out for lunch to the local mall. The forecast was for snow, but we weren't prepared for how quickley it arrived! We were at lunch for half an hour, when we came out everything was white and we had to get people to push our car up the exit ramp so we could leave the carpark! After a hairy trip home, we left the car at the bottom of the hill and walked up. It was actually quite nice for a change, we walked to the supermarket to buy dinner and a few essentials (including hot choc and hot cross buns!) and introduced our puppy Hershey to the snow for the first time.

While it is pretty it was treacherous the next day as the whole lot turned to ice overnight. The bf had to stick around for an extra day (which was nice!) as he was unable to get back to Invercargill.

How did you go in the snow? I love it! Even though it can be inconvenient. And I ruined a pair of socks that I wore over my boots the next day so I could make it down  the hill safely!


  1. No snow in Wellington central - I am so envious!

  2. Maaaaan I still cant see any pics :( We got snow superbad here eh woke up Monday morning to it and even got a day off work hehe its fun at the start but you get over it pretty quick cos its so dangerous to get round in!

  3. Great photos =)

  4. haha I opened your blog and thought oh my goodness thats the meridian! I recognise the street as well, last year I lived three blocks away from you on islington st. small world :)