Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outfit Post // Lovely Lavender

Lavender Cardigan - Shop on Taieri, Lace T-shirt - Mosgiel Salvation Army,  
Grey Scarf - Postie Plus, Grey Cotton Pants - The Warehouse,  
Black Bow Ballet Flats - Kmart

 I actually wore this outfit on Tuesday and had planned to take outfit photos during my lunch break but I got distracted by the Salvation Army Store....

So here we are, I took these on Thursday! Unfortunately it was raining so you guys get these lovely inside shots. I prefer outside, it's so much brighter and the backgrounds are more interesting! The cute little Cocker Spaniel is my family dog Jesse, she said hello and then trotted off to the pantry door to wait for a biscuit! (I'm staying at my parents before I move to Invercargill)

I've actually worn this outfit quite a few times since I got these pants a month or so ago. It's my "I'm feeling lazy and I want to be comfortable and warm while I sit at my desk, working" outfit. I can't wait till summer when I can use this pretty lavender cardy as a throw-over on cool summer nights. I'm thinking I need a new little white dress...?

What does you favourite cosy winter work outfit involve? Mine is either this or a maxi t-shirt dress, long cardy, tights and boots! 


  1. Nice sweater =)

  2. You look so snug and warm! x

  3. Not sure what I love the most about this post... your awesome cardy or your cheeky dog! :P