Friday, August 26, 2011

Outfit Post // A Drop of Blue Rain

 Blue Cardigan - Shop in Mebourne, Lace T-shirt - Mosgiel Salvation Army,  
Floral Skirt - Trademe, Blue Belt - Glassons, Cream Lace Tights - Glassons,  
Black Boots - The Warehouse

As soon as I got this skirt in the mail, I wanted to do an outfit post with it! Unfortunatley the weather wasn't playing nice, so I set my camera up indoors and ventured out with my umbrella. So now I have snow photos and rain photos!! Maybe soon I'll get some sunshine...

I found my collection of belts when I was packing stuff to take to Invercargill, this one amoung them. I matched it with my blue cardy which I hadn't worn in awhile and some pretty lacy cream tights I had forgotten about!
After a disasterous week on the technology front (I blew up my work comp, my brand new printer had a fault and needs fixed and I only just got working internet and a phone going for work today!) This bright outfit brought a little sunshine to a murky day and crappy week!

Another bright point was taking a quick look around a couple of Invercargill op shops. I visited the Salavation Army Store on Tay St, where I picked up a vintage white lace and satin playsuit for $2.50, 3 belts including a pretty dove-grey one and a couple of other goodies! I also checked out the huge Habitat for Humanity Store in Glengarry Cresent which had an awesome supply of glass and crockery and some great furniture!! I almost bought and old school desk and a set of bright purple glass tea cups and saucers, but managed to stop myself before I got too carried away!

I'm back up in Dunedin this weekend to catch up with some friends and make a cake or 2 which should be fun :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. I totally want your colorful skirt! It looks great with the blue cardigan! cute!

  2. i love love love those boots! every time i see you wearing them I think oooh I wish they still sold them! =)

  3. Beautiful. How cool are those tights? And the print on that skirt?!

    Sorry I'm commenting on everything - I'm trawling your archives and I love everything. Can we be friends!

    beks xx